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Frivolous Sunday: Train Train Train

In an earlier post, I discussed how no matter what our form of transport, as long as it was the quickest and cheapest, we’d also be satisfied with it being stressful and uncomfortable. My target, of course, was airlines, and not long after that post, you became more limited in what you could bring on an airplane. So in summary, you may bring between 0-2 checked bags, only 1 carry on, which may not include liquids, probably not food, and if you have a computer or a cell phone, it must be pulled out and inspected. For some time, you weren’t even allowed to bring books. You still have to arrive 1-3 hours before your flight, you still have to pay between $150 – $1000 to cancel or change your ticket, and in may cities, transport to and from the airport is inconvenient and expensive.

So, in summary: Yuck. Traveling is already a stressful ordeal — why would we want to put ourselves through another ordeal in getting there? Continue reading