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On Scientology for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, Emily and I decided to learn a little but more about washing machines Scientology. Out exploits are published in full this month in F Newsmagazine. 

I’m waiting for it to be put up on the web and when it is, I’ll reprint it here.

Upcoming | VASTAL Exhibition, Antwerp

I don’t mean to brag, but if you happen to be in the Antwerp area December 8, Verbeke Gallery is opening a show featuring the Vastal Virgins (which I am one of).

I won’t be there (boo for school/work) but Adam Zaretsky will be, and who knows who else. Go and see it!

(I’m there, look hard!)

Advertising | P & G reveals new Ivory soap campaign

Ivory Soap ad, 1898, Wikipedia

Proctor and Gamble, which owns the Ivory soap brand,  launched a new ad campaign for the product this month, according to an article in the New York Times. Continue reading

Frivolous Sunday: In Defense of Tea – A Manifesto

I gave up drinking coffee years ago when I lived with a caffeine-addled boyfriend and our coffee-drinking hazes lead to increasingly loud arguments over petty issues. For me, those first few weeks without coffee were like quitting smoking – I suddenly realized that there was a lot more air to breathe now that my life was not overcrowded by coffee’s tanic, nauseating odour. Continue reading

On Shit and Shinola – Kansas City Project – June 2011

TWA Rocket, Kansas City, MO

Patrick Lichty and I have taken a trip down Route 66 to visit Tony Allard and Adam Zaretsky while they research and film for their project “Mutate or Die”. While Patrick is working on some graphics for the film, we’re independently working on our own critical video and I’ll be publishing an article about the adventure later next week. Kansas City is a strange and wonderful place and we’re looking forward to making quality work about this strange experience.

Property of Wayne Propst, Lawrence, KS

Detail of works found around Propst property

Back with Flash: The Case of Oleg Mavromatti

I’ve been readjusting my life in the past few weeks after a busy August, so this site has been on the back-burner. However, I got an email recently that jolted me back into active writing. It’s the case of Oleg Mavromatti. I got the following email from his wife Boryanna Rossa who is trying to raise awareness of Oleg’s case and advocate for political amnesty: Continue reading

Frivolous Sunday: Famous George(s)

When I take the time to talk to people, they often ask “Georges, how did your mother come to choose your name?” It’s obvious, mother knew I was special, from the moment she knew she was pregnant, she knew that I was going to be different. She even went so far as to put the Catholic church on notice for the Second Coming. But alas, mother is dreadfully allergic to hay, and gave birth in a historic CP hotel in Canada somewhere, and she’s had to lower her expectations of me substantially.

But, too, mother is also a literary woman, and has cited many reasons that she chose my name for me. Here are some of the people I am named after. Continue reading

Georges says BAAD Kinetics

Imagine three beautiful young dancers with poise, grace and bubbling vivacity. Imagine that, whenever and wherever they perform, the electricity of improvisation and joy comes through in their dancing, no matter if it’s on a stage, at the farmers market or in an industrial garage.

Now imagine that these same three women make their way around the countryside on bicycles, going from dance to dance. Now you have the BAAD Kinetics bike tour.

Yes, three lovely dancers are touring the east coast of the US by bicycle, stopping to perform at a variety of venues. And yes, I witnessed a private performance by the ladies at EastWorks in Easthampton a few nights ago. And yes, I was taken aback by the energy and concreteness of both the choreography and the performance. It’s hard to find contemporary dance that doesn’t alienate the audience, but these women seem in touch with the spaces, their bodies and the choreography. So well done, BAAD Collective. They’re headed towards Boston, then on to New York City. Find them, enjoy them, and if you can, take part in their interesting and creative fund-raising initiative.