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Frivolous Sunday | This is What I’m Doing Today

General Idea Show @ Art Gallery of Ontario. Getting out there!

News | The Eye Becomes Screen

This surfaced on my feed this week: A contact lens has been developed in which a wireless signal can transmit a single pixel image on to it.

What do I say about it, except that it’s one step closer to the Singularity and I have reservations about that. Thoughts? Technophiles out there?

Brain Chemistry and Responsibility

This month’s Atlantic Monthly features an incredible article on the affect of certain neural abnormailities on socially acceptable behavior. Read “The Brain on Trial” to have your mind blown.

WHO panel: Cellphone radiation may cause cancer

A report in the NY Times today on a report released by the World Health Organization that states that cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic”. The cell phone, it seems, acts like a tiny microwave next to your head. But try telling people not to use their cellphones. No, the panel at the WHO simply suggest using remote headsets when speaking on the phone. And strongly limiting use by children. And if I may add — storing your cellphone away from your body.

Cellphones have the potential to become a bigger problem than cigarettes — 8/9 Americans own a cellphone, far more than ever smoked. And the amount of time 9-18 year old users spend on their phones far surpasses any time spent in front of the television. So how will this affect our use of mobile technology going forward? Do you think that people will revert to standard safer technologies, or do you think the mobile phone industry will come up with a newer, possibly safer technology to replace current cellphones?

And just in case this story sounds really familiar….it is:

February 19, 2011 – Diaristic Indulgences @ Flux Factory

Georges here after a long hiatus from the internet. I’ll apologize for that sometime later. But now, I’m simply writing to tell you that I’ll be speaking tomorrow night in a show called “Diaristic Indulgences” at Flux Factory in Long Island City. The topic? “A ReDress: Women Behaving Badly”.

The show is curated by Angela Washko, a rockstar in her own right. DJ’s and dancing afterwards. Be there or be…

On another note, props to Washko and Sister Sarah, who had this bit in the NY Times a little over a month ago.


Online Performance – Oleg Mavromatti

Forgive my web-absence as I have a number of things going on right now. However, here’s an update about Oleg Mavromatti, whom I wrote about a while ago. He will be dong an online performance over the next 7 days and you can be a participant.

Follow along.