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Report | On Absinthe and Activism

L'Absinthe, Degas

Written by Georges Negri and Emily Vélox Originally published in F Newsmagazine, November 2011.

The facts are rather unreliable; I know that I went to sleep in New York City, maybe Brooklyn, and woke up in downtown Chicago. I had been traipsing around Manhattan, getting a feel for a city that once was so familiar, not set alight with a foreign spirit neither of us really understands. And then the city, the phantom, the fire was all gone. Continue reading

Review | Laurie Anderson: O Superwoman

Writer's Sketch of Anderson (left) talking to Lavey (right)

Last time I saw Laurie Anderson, incidentally the first time I saw Laurie Anderson, was for her performance of “Delusion”. I have a lot of opinions about that piece, but the sum of it is that I expected something drastically different from what I saw and it was affecting my opinion of her work.

So, when I heard she was coming to Chicago for the Chicago Humanities Festival, I wanted to hear her speak about her larger body of work so I had a better understanding of the comprehensive Laurie Anderson. Continue reading

The Here and Now | Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Graphic Novel

I found this  graphic illustration by Stuart McMillen on Recombinant Records, by way of High Existence. Illustrating political philosophy in a graphic form is brilliant; being that we are a visual culture (for better or for worse), we don’t always get things the first time around (sorry, Postman). Continue reading

The Electronic Walls are Watching You

One of my  co-workers at F Magazine wrote this topical piece about Brooklyn artist Kyle McDonald.

The Electronic Walls have Eyes
By S. Hamilton

If you saw the images, you wouldn’t think they were all that controversial. Slack-jawed, their eyes glazed over, the subjects of Kyle McDonald’s “People Staring at Computers” appear deeply focused or even caught at a bad moment. How McDonald obtained the images is what has been subject to fascination and controversy in the electronic arts community in New York City since the project was shut down in July. Continue reading

On Shit and Shinola – F Newsmagazine

**Updated: Text Added**
I’ve been working on this story for a few weeks and it’s finally out.

On Shit and Shinola

A tale of two artists in the Midwest and a jar of William S. Burroughs’ poop

All photos by the author unless otherwise noted.

It’s just noon, and already ribbons of heat are slithering from the pavement surrounding the soybean fields. Dust from the screeching tires on the car in front of us balloons into the sky, casting a sleepy haze over an already tired Kansas afternoon.

The car in front of us pulls into a driveway and down a short avenue of oak trees. My companion, Patrick Lichty, a tactical media artist and ranking member of The Yes Men, pulls in behind them, and as we park we are presented with a comfortable, brick-red farmhouse shaded by the surrounding trees. Chickens scour the front yard for feed, and a sweet-natured collie and her cat friend come to greet us as we step out of the car. Our hosts, Tony Allard and Adam Zaretsky, are already headed up the walk to the house, and we step over the assorted garden statuary —a typewriter, a ceramic rooster, a stone skull—to join them. Continue reading

Frivolous Sunday: Rabbit Ears and

Last year, I had the privilege of hearing Jon Cohrs talk about his project, an analog/pirate TV station based in New York City. The idea behind the project is/was that as soon as TV stations went digital-only (many consumers were required to buy a digital converter box), OMGimonTV would temporarily take over the analog airwaves that were now open. Continue reading