The Past and Future of Future Aesthetics
Artists have been instrumental in creating visions of ‘the future’ through their own artwork and judgments about what is ideal and tasteful in “future society”. Is this, as the critic Thomas McEvilley argued, an attempt “to try to appropriate the future in a quasi-prophetic way”? How have artists and art movements used their work as a venue for developing value systems? What kind of aesthetics are being designed and valued now, who is determining this and how?

What is and isn’t art? Allow me to make the distinction….
The “artworld” has come to a place where so much is art it seems like there are no longer criteria for what qualifies an object or an idea as art. You have to really know what art is to make that distinction. And I do. So, let’s sit for an hour and look at some of the borderline examples of art. I promise, it will involve watching at least one video.

Towards a New Art Criticism — LIVE!!!
Contemporary art criticism takes both the critic and reader out of the gallery space and away from the works being discussed. What happens when the reader gets to witness and participate in criticizing an art work or exhibition? What are the results when new aesthetic criteria are used?