The Post-Luddite Institute is an independent critical collective that continually re-examines the role of new digital technologies  in contemporary culture and cultural production. The PLI aims to critique through the technology itself (website, Facebook, Twitter), public lectures and performance happenings.

The Post-Luddite Institute is currently lead by Georges Negri. As a “digital native” Negri understands that the choice to participate in digital culture and new technologies often has ramifications in physical life; that his is the first generation to be “post-Luddite”, of a time when ‘opting out’ is no longer an option.

Post-Luddite has also come to reference something more insidious; taking its name from the Luddite movement, an early 19th century effort by craftsmen to defend their trade in the face of mechanized labour, the PLI sees our current condition positioned so that actions like those of the Luddites can no longer be taken, at least not without substantial harm to oneself.

Our dependency on these new technologies put us in a strange bind, one where it seems we must rely on them regardless of our technical, political or cultural intentions.

Updates to the PLI blog are posted every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

About Georges Negri

Georges Negri was raised in western Canada. He has a BA in History of Art, Design and Visual Culture from the University of Alberta. In 2009, he moved to New York to further pursue his work in art and criticism. In 2011, he became an adjunct professor in Interactive Arts and Media at Columbia College Chicago.

He is currently completing his MA in Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a regular contributor to F Newsmagazine.

Contact him at: georges[dot]negri[at]gmail[dot]com.

Contributing Post-Luddites

Rene Galatoire

Ann O’Genital