Media Theory | Cum Shot/ Splatter Porn

(CC) Georges Negri, 2010

Perhaps it’s fitting for the Day of the Dead, but today I’m interested in horror. Specifically how it gets talked about in Linda William’s seminal essay “Gender, Genre, and Excess.” I feel like this essay is still important because I feel that a serious discussion of the role of porn in contemporary culture (and, for that matter, its role historically) is still decidedly absent.

The porn industry, for instance, as been responsible for for a number of technological developments: the multiple angles button on the DVD remote, Blu-Ray beating our HDDVD, VHS beating Beta-max, pay-per-view, cable tv etc (see more information here and here). And, frankly, going back to the beginning of photography, the first photographed subjects were war (and war casualties) and porn (mostly nude ladies, French postcards, if you will.)

Casualties of the Crimean War, c. 1853-1856

Undated, but decidedly pre-20th Century Photograph

I would consider myself a specialist in Media Studies, whatever that means and to someone in my particular position, it seems really odd that porn is generally overlooked or dismissed, the same way it might look odd to an art historian if Impressionism was glazed over, or a regular historian if World War II was just “touched on.”

Aside from Williams’ essay, I’ve collected some other resources about porno and popular culture to whet appetites and start a discussion about the skinternet. I will also gladly post reader recommendations.

C’Lick Me: A Netporn Studies Reader Making Sense of Online Pornography
Perv Scan
Ussmeac: All Volunteer POWS?

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